Dom – tłumaczenie po angielsku


  1. house
  2. We are having our house renovated
    There is the house which we live in.
    This is an old-fashioned ruined brick house.
    They have built three houses recently.
    She wishes she lived in a big house.
    The houses have been built for two years.
    The house is looked after (by my mother).
    Earning a lot of money he can afford a new house.
    When she sells / has sold her house she will move out.
    The house will be built before the year ends.

  3. home
  4. What time should I be back home?
    You were at home on Friday.
    She usually works at home.
    Robert will stay at home tonight.
    I am staying at home, but my family is / are going to
    Liam said that he spent his weekends at home.
    Fiona told Terry that Peter returned home at ten p.m.
    Hadn’t she better stay at home this evening?
    I’d rather stay at home than go shopping with you.
    I’d rather stay with you than go home now.
    It is time for them to go home.
    Eric has decided to stay at home this evening.
    I will talk to Brian when he comes home.