czas- tłumaczenie po angielsku


  1. time
  2. It is time for us to pay the workers.
    It is time for me to wash the carpet.
    It is time for Jane to start some work.
    It is time for you to read some book.
    It is time for Dan to brush his teeth.
    It is time for us to apologise to Betty.
    It is time for me to answer his letter.
    It is time for him to clean the paths.
    They said they had too little time.
    Julie said she would certainly have a good time there.
    Lena said she hoped he would find some time for it.
    I didn’t know what time the fast train left.
    Jim asked the restaurant owner what time they were opening the next day.
    You had better not spend too much time in the sun.
    I wish I had more time for myself.
    I wish I read more books and I wish I spent more time with my family.

  3. period